Version 3.0

Question: I can't get the Weedplates to Show up on the WATCH what is wrong?

Answer: Read the help screens in the App they will show you how start the Watch app and choose the Weedplates folder for syncing

Question: What is a Weedplate?

Answer: We call the images that show up as backgrounds on the Apple WATCH Weedplates

Question: What is Weedpaper?

Answer: We call the images that show up as backgrounds on the Apple iPhone wallpaper Weedpaper.

Question: The time and date are not properly positioned I want them on the top of the Watch Face why are they at the bottom?

Answer: With the Weedplates image selected on the WATCH Force touch the screen and choose the customize button and then use the dial to move the Time Complication into the desired position.

Question: My images just seem to disappear after a while what is happening?

Answer: Possibly if you are automatically removing the photos off of your camera the Weedplate images are being removed also. Just add the images again. Also the old images will be on your computer where the download occurred to.

Question: I Reset and changed the Weedplates on the App but it won' update the Watch images, what gives?

Answer: Try starting up the Apple Watch App, sometimes this gets the Bluetooth connectivity working again. If that doesn't do it then try starting up the photo App which may magically clear the deleted photo cache. And finally if its still not working then shutdown and restart the Watch and the iPhone. Also make sure your blue tooth is connected.